Special Adaptations for People with Disabilities

To Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly magazine:

”Seeking out information and finding solutions to mobility problems can be very time consuming – we cannot speak highly enough of the way in which Murvi took on our special requirements”.

”We were particularly pleased to see our Murvi Morello, with its hydraulic lift and internal railed hoist fitted, featured in your magazine. One does need to be aware that nearside hydraulic lifts cannot always be used to unload a wheelchair and occupant, and it required a great deal of research to find a vehicle with a strong enough roof to take the hoist. With our internal hoist, as fitted by Murvi, I can now lift my wife from her wheelchair into a sling placed on the floor of the Morello and then hoist her into the passenger seat. This system immediately makes many more parking spaces accessible. In addition, the tracked hoist running from passenger seat, over the bed, and then into the toilet/shower has eliminated the awkward and potentially back-damaging lifting inside the vehicle.”

Letter from Dr B J Hyde, Oxon.

Finding solutions to the sorts of difficulties outlined above and to hear comments like “Our Murvi motorhome has opened up life for me again” and ”It has simply transformed our lives” makes this aspect of Murvi services particularly satisfying.Other special adaptations we have carried out include floor-fitted wheelchair tracks and clamps, underfloor installation of electrically operated side lifts, easy-use light switches, door widening, electrically operated sliding side doors, vehicle suspension uprating, all kinds of ramps and even electrically operated beds!

Please note: new motorcaravans which are designed, and are permanently adapted, for use by a person with disabilities, should be entitled to VAT exemption