Single beds are now an option on all Ford models.

The large open lounge area remains the same in each Murvi model giving the superbly comfortable, sideways facing, high back settee with fabulous unobstructed views through the sliding side door.

The main difference with the single bed option is that the rear seat base is separate from the seatback, as in the Fiat-based Morocco, but shorter. To make the passenger’s side single bed, release the rear seat base and it will then glide on rollers to line up with the height-adjustable passenger seat base. When it has been swivelled to face the rear it forms a comfortable bed 183 cm x 70 cm.

To make the driver’s side bed the seatback hinges down and forms a single bed 190 cm x 77 cm. This allows access
between the beds from the cab to the kitchen area.

“Murvi has long been renowned as a builder of top quality van conversions. There’s a high standard of engineering behind its work and there’s a certain ‘Murvi style’ that few others get close to emulating”

Caravan and Motorhome Club May 2020

The driver’s seat base is not needed to make this bed but if used it could extend the length by a further 30 cm. The single beds can be pushed together to form a generous size double bed of 190 cm x 145 cm. Rear seat belts are not available with the single bed option.

There is a wide range of options available from Ford, Front Wheel Drive is standard but there is also the option of Rear Wheel Drive, Automatic Transmission, AWD (4×4), and a higher roof (H3) giving a minimum of just over 2 metres of headroom.

For further information please click on “Price List” as this includes a fully detailed breakdown of the specification, technical information and the options available for each Murvi model.