enjoy the freedom of the open road with a murvi

Murvi Morocco & XL

The Morocco shares the same bathroom and kitchen facilities as its cousin the multi award winning Morello. The slightly shortened kitchen unit allows for a massive floor area and any kitchen worktop that is lost is replaced by a lift up worktop extension.


The Morocco XL is based on the Fiat Ducato XLB (6.36M) this gives significantly more kitchen storage space and worktops. There is a large externally accessed storage area. 

The supremely comfortable lounge seating quickly and easily converts in to two large single beds one 76” x 33” and the other 73" x 27" with room to move between the beds to allow access to the front swivel seats or to the kitchen and bathroom. Alternatively the same beds will form a generous size double bed 76" x 60" max.

Ingeniously, just like the Morello, the refillable 25L (10 kg) gas tank is installed under the floor to free up extra storage space. The powerful Webasto DualTop space and water heater is fuelled by diesel, cleverly conserving your gas supplies for cooking and refrigeration; additionally it will operate on electricity when hooked up to mains power.


Variations in the kitchen

If an oven is not a priority there is a “no cost” option of a large (90 litre) 3-way fridge with a 3-burner hob with storage drawer. There is an option of a 4-burner hob and grill. If a larger fridge is required there is the option of replacing the 90 litre fridge with a 100 litre version, but at an additional cost.

An eyelevel 230V microwave or Smev 20L eyelevel gas oven can be fitted, but at an additional cost.

Gas free Morocco

Murvi can build the Morocco with a diesel fuelled two burner ceramic hob this coupled with our optional 90 litre compressor fridge gives you a “gas free” van with all your equipment either running on diesel or 12V.


Over the years we have made a number of alterations and adjustments to our models - if there is an item on your ‘wish list’ that’s not on our options list - just ask, at worst we can only say no!

Check our fully detailed specification and options sheet for more information.

Your Murvi is built individually for you and although the standard specification is already extensive you may wish to personalise your new Murvi with your own choice of options from our price and specification list.